Dr André Chabot
PhD in Sciences,
geologist, hydrogeologist, hydrogeochemist


  • Research, Education, consultancy and expertise in general geology and hydrogeology and the hydrogeochemistry, even abroad.
  • Specialization in water (research, drilling, protection of catchments, etc.) & in the environment (Setting up, planning and monitoring of Sanitary Landfills of solid industrial waste).

  • Degree in Geology and Mineralogy - UCL
  • PhD in Sciences - UCL

  • Study field trip in France, Mexico, England and Ireland; training in the Laboratory of Geochemistry of the University of Reading (England) and participation in a oceanographical mission on research boat Meteor (Germany) along the West Coast of North Africa.
  • Consultancy project in Taiwan, South Korea, in Chad, in Burundi, in Ecuador, Morocco, in Ulster, in Djibouti, in Zimbabwe and in China.

       1983 – 2013
  • Studies and consultancy.
  • Establishing an association of independent geologists : GéobelConseil in 1985.
  • Founding of Géofina in 1991, supporting studies and consultancies developed within GéobelConseil.
       1969 - 1982
  • Research Fellowship IRSIA.
  • Assistant in the Laboratory of the General Geology (UCL) until 1978 with teaching and research functions until the submission of PhD thesis (1979).
  • Activity of scientific research in geochemistry of carbonate sediments for 3 years (research mandate CEE-SPPS).

  • Conventional field techniques, sea sampling, mechanical core sampling or destructive drilling, geophysical techniques (seismic refraction, electrical sounding), environmental sampling.
  • Laboratory techniques and management : optical microscopy, electronics, chemical analysis in atomic spectrophotometry (absorption and emission).
  • Computer Techniques.
  • Law and legislation : knowledge of environmental legislation & regulations, particularly about water and waste.
  • Superviser of study reports for Masterdegree in hydrogeochemistry.


Réalisation : NC Communication Mentions légales